The Eco Hub, Gamlingay, Phase 2

Project Description

This Project completed the original Civic Architect’s design for the Community Hub at Gamlingay, by adding the remainder of the internal and external space which could not be funded at the time of Phase 1. The works to Phase 2 have turned the Architect’s vision of connecting the Youth wing and Hub to a useable external community facility into a reality.

Work Carried Out

Phase Two of the works involved adding a youth centre and conferencing facility extension, external community and leisure spaces, outdoor seating, MUGA, outdoor table tennis and basketball areas, and a complete refurbishment and extension to the car park.

Our client is so pleased with our performance, we have joined together in an open book maintenance programme to look after the building and carry out all aspects of maintenance, from response to major planned replacements of plant and renewables.

The building is open to the public, but we can give you a unique insight into how it was constructed and would be happy to provide a guided tour by prior arrangement.