Refurb of an 1850’s Village School in a Conservation Area

Refurb of an 1850’s Village School  in a Conservation Area

Brampton Village Primary School was originally built in the 1850’s, but over the years it was subjected to a series of repairs which had left it looking unattractive, with a mish-mash of different bricks and cement.

Now, with it needing some serious restoration work, it was time to put right these random repairs and give it a cosmetic transformation to bring it back to the full delight of its initial build.

The school had grown, over the years, but this original building housed the staffroom, which was temporarily relocated to the newer part of the school. This was a luxury for us as many of our jobs take place with “business as usual” so we’re used to working quietly, tidily and efficiently, in order to allow the building to continue its normal daily operation.

The school is situated in a conservation area which gives it the same status as a listed building, so it was deemed essential to bring the school back to the same look that it would have had when first built. Fortunately, at Hutchinson’s Builders we have a wealth of experience in working with listed buildings and are used to dealing with their inherent complexities.

This particular job also involved specialist brickwork repairs, with handmade bricks to suit the current requirements. The project involved a lot of intricate work and entailed removing individual bricks that had blown, as well as repointing the original brickwork on all elevations.

Traditional lime mortar and masonry techniques were utilised to ensure the restoration was as close to the original as possible. We even analysed the original mortar and chemically matched it to ensure the detail had been taken care of.

The unattractive concrete tiles on the roof, which had been added in the 1980’s were stripped completely and a high percentage of the roof timbers were replaced due to dry rot. In its place were new timbers and beautiful clay tiles, really helping to bring it back to its former glory.